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This summer, B1TS received funding from the Miami University Tech Fee to create websites for student organizations.  Our goal is to provide good dynamic websites for free to student organizations that could not otherwise have afforded them. 

In order to make websites for a large number of organizations, we developed a generic template that we will base our websites off of.  We want each organization to be able to customize the features of the template, giving everyone a uniqe experience.  To see a very simple example of what your website might look like, go to

*Note that some organizations may not be eligible for the free websites.  For example, Greek organizations are exempt from the free webites.  If you are wondering if your organization is eligible, email one of our execs or come to our office hours.

Want to see?

To take a look at previous sites we've completed to see what we can do for you, click any of the following links:

What do I do?

Click the link below to download our form. This will let you choose some custom settings that will give us an idea of what you are looking for in your website. Then meet with us during our office hours (listed above). If you cannot meet during our hours, email Kevin Donnelly (donnelkj(at) to schedule a meeting for some other time. We will discuss what you are looking for in a website and what types of features would be best for you.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Download our form to help you customize your website!